About Us
Our Mission

To compile the most comprehensive database of information on apartments in the industry and to provide this information on state of the art cutting edge software technology. In other words, to be the GO TO Company for the apartment industry!

Our Focus

Apartment Listing Service is composed of a team of highly skilled real estate professionals and computer information professionals dedicated to compile the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information of apartments in the industry. Our main focus is to display this information in a easy to read format with a wealth of invaluable substance that provides apartment owners, management companies, apartment locators and a host of other users powerful tools to make pin point decisions.

Our History

"Necessity, the mother of invention ..."

In 1989 a small apartment locator service in Fort Worth, Texas was in search for a better tool to help its agents provide apartment information to their clients in a more accurate and professional manner. Thus a database and software was created. There was no such tool available anywhere at the time. The system was so successful that in 1991 ALS was formed to market this system to all the other locators and was a great success. Today ALS has evolved into a much larger service provider, with many new products for a host of users like owners, management Co, appraisers, developers, public authorities, apartment locators and many more.
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